The Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

While doing research I came across the above social media chart.  This chart shows which platform people connect with. Business owners  make better decisions about which social media platform using charts like this. Too many times, business owners just chase the next shiny ball. Our society has become accustomed to getting the latest, greatest, gadget. [...]

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5 Reasons Bloggers and Pinterest are like PB&J

Business2Community published an article, “5 Reasons Why Pinterest is a Must For Bloggers.” ( January 15, 2017)  This article discusses why Pinterest is important for bloggers. 1.      Source of Traffic  Pinterest Traffic In the article, Pinterest is described as a search engine.  Although this is true, Pinterest is much more [...]

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12-Step Program for Social Media

In the Business2Community online edition, Bob Hutchins published the article, "The 12-Step Process to Building a Powerful Social Campaign."  In the article, Bob covers the 12 items a social media campaign should include. I produced the video to the left to emphasize those points. Steps he emphasizes that caught my attention were: [...]

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