6 Things to Avoid While Recording Facebook Live, Backed by Research

Last week I did a synopsis of my Facebook Live series I have been developing, 100 Days of How to Use Pinterest. If you looked at the series, you noticed that some were good and some sucked. All a part of the learning curve.

VideoIn a Forbes article Jayson Demers said, “Understanding Facebook Live is key if you’re a social media marketer; even if you don’t plan on using it, or Facebook in general, it marks an important trend in the social media and mobile technology worlds.” I agree with him. Video is already Queen (have to say Queen not King) in social media and this just adds a new dimension to video.


Other Uses for Your Recordings: 

Your live videos can be saved and repurposed. All of my videos are posted on YouTube. I pinned them on my Pinterest board from YouTube. Later, I can use some of the better ones for blogs, talk more about that specific industry, and give more details about how to use Pinterest with that industry. A sheet with 10 Best Tips for Your Industry could be developed as a “Freebie” for signing up for my newsletter.


A few more pointers about Facebook Live and my mistakes:

  • Attract more followers – Users that have liked your page are notified when you go live with a broadcast. This provides a personal touch and helps with interaction on your page.
    • Anna mistake – I don’t make folks aware that I am going to be on there.
  • Use for Ads – After doing the live streaming, you can boost that post and it becomes a great marketing tool.
    • Anna’s mistake – Mine are not always that great. I probably should edit them some before I boost them.
  • More followers see them – This is totally Vanlandingham speculation but it appears that Facebook allows more of your followers to see these post than your usual posts. 
  • Let followers know in advance – If you let your followers know, then they can be online and interact with you. Actually, it’s cool when they hit the heart button or the thumbs up button Schedule-timeand those go flying across the screen.
    • Anna’s mistakes – I don’t notify followers because mine are always random. I may be sitting at a traffic light and decide – hmm, that store would be a good one, let me pull in there.
  • Use Wi-Fi – this will help prevent a disconnection in the middle of the broadcast and you will not kill your data plan.
    • Anna’s mistake – I forgot it was live streaming and blew my data plan out of the water. Glad AT&T was nice about it.
  • Write a catchy headline – helps to get followers to listen to the live broadcast.
    • Anna’s mistake – I am still fumbling around. I have to make sure I have my microphone on, make sure I am on my Pinterest Pro page, remember where to hit the button without my glasses, and have my script. As a result I haven’t written a headline yet.

If you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl. I have to tell you – makes me feel a little like a news caster. nasdaq


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