Anna Vanlandingham, Founder of Pinterest Pro Marketing Solutions

Pinterestpro SolutionsEver wonder “Why do people do what they do?” “Why do they buy this, and not that?” “What can I do to get them to buy more?”
As a business owner, you’re probably asking yourself these questions all the time.
And I have the answer for you. It’s all about supply and demand. Mostly creating demand.
What does that have to do with Pinterest? Maybe it took an economics teacher like me to figure it out, but they’re actually very connected. Pinterest is all about creating demand. My job is to bring that demand to your doorstep.

About me (before Pinterest)

For 25 years I taught Seminole County high school students the laws of Supply and Demand. I loved teaching – still do – and I received some nice recognition for my efforts. Here are some highlights:
  • Winner of the NASDAQ Southeast Region Economics Educator of the Year award
  • Winner of several scholarships to study at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, China, Japan and the Caribbean
  • Asked as an outstanding teacher to train teachers in the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Lithuania and Japanese school systems
  • Named Junior Achievement International Teacher of the Year, Florida Economic Educator of the Year, the National Federation of Independent Business Owners Teacher of the Year for teaching the Free Enterprise System
  • Named to the Federal Reserve Education Advisory Board and the NFIB Education Advisory Board
Then I retired from teaching to open a spray-tan business.
No joke.
That is when I began exploring Pinterest as a way to build my client list. I’d find pictures of people with terrible spray tans, beautiful before-and-after spray tans, pictures of freshly tanned brides in their wedding dresses or couples on their way to class reunions. I worked every stage of the sales funnel because, as an economics teacher, I know one thing to be absolutely true:
If you want to make more money, you have to increase demand. To do that, you have to show people how your product or service improves their lives.
But you know how it goes – once a teacher, always a teacher. I missed having students. So I began teaching business owners how to use Pinterest to do exactly that: Increase demand.

About me (after Pinterest)

If you think high school students are a tough audience, wait until you try to explain Pinterest as a conversion optimization tool to CEOs of million-dollar businesses.
Right away, I ran into three common misconceptions.
  • “Pinterest is just for women” – Wrong! One-third of all Pinterest sign-ups are from men. In fact, more men use Pinterest in the U.S. than read Sports Illustrated and GQ, combined.
  • “Pinterest is just for recipes and crafts” – 215 major brands, including Neiman Marcus and Home Depot are on Pinterest. Whole Foods built their reputation there.
  • “Pinterest users look – they don’t shop” 93% of pinners, male and female, shopped online in the past 6 months, and one study found that women in particular use Pinterest as a wish list. Men use it as a shopping cart.
More and more businesses are learning that Pinterest holds serious potential as a marketing tool. I take this one step further by using it to increase demand, attract leads, and measurably increase conversions for my clients.
If you are in what I call an “industry of aspiration,” like weddings, travel & hospitality, and real estate, Pinterest is especially useful. All of your ideal clients are there right now, pinning away.
Each one of those pinned images is really a Call to Action – yet very few companies treat them like the native advertising they are. My approach to Pinterest is to optimize images to bring ideal clients from Pinterest to the business’s product page or sign-up form, increasing conversion and sales.
As Founder of Pinterest Pro Solutions, I’ve been recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in eCommerce by WE magazine and have been a featured guest on Vincent Ng’s podcast Pictures to Profits, the Real Estate Quarterback Show, and That Business Show. I’ve contributed to the Amazon Best Seller Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers and The Real Estate Quarterback’s Consumer Advocacy Playbook. You may have seen me hosting webinars and courses for Viraltag, Illumeo CPE, Sarasota Social Media Summit and The Small Business Incubator, among others. I also serve on the Caribbean Carib Academy for Social Media Advisory Board, helping business owners (primarily in the travel industry) to understand and use social media to grow their businesses.
I am currently available for Pinterest management, strategy, and speaking engagements. Sign up for a demo by clicking on the image below. 
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