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On this page, I illustrate how to create a map like the one above for your Pinterest clients in the Housing industry, whether it is it is real estate, construction, or home décor.  (For more info on mapping click here http://www.pinterestpro.com/services/mapping-pins)

On Pinterest, go to the Categories and do the following:  (Arrow A)

2. categories page houses

Pinterest Categories

  • The housing industry is a good example of how you have to ascertain in which category the industry is located. Housing is located under Architecture. Click on the category Architecture (Arrow B)
  • You have several categories under this topic (see below)
Interest Groups Under Architecture

Interest Groups Under Architecture

Look at the circled button House Architecture at the top.

  • Click on the House Architecture button (Button circled in Red)
  • You have several categories under this topic (image below; notice the number of followers at the top)
  • My client designs the houses he builds; therefore, I click on Design Homes
  • You have several categories under Design Homes also (notice the number of followers at the top)
Design Homes Followers

Design Homes Followers

Any of these groups could be used as board names on your account or you could do further research. These become your keywords for the pin file names, board names, and pin descriptions of pins. You know there is interest in these topics because Pinterest has made groups of followers with these words and you noted the number of followers of each of these topics at the top. You now have your “pathway to profitability.”

Board Name Example in Image below. Notice words used in name  “Best Real Estate Architecture Design Ideas”

Board Name Example

Board Name Example

Pin Description Example in image below.  Notice words used “When looking at home designs you might consider this house architecture. This barge-style floating home in Seaford, NY Harbor Marina is for sale with incredible bay views. The property includes 1 bedroom, 2 baths, a big kitchen with a center island, lounge area, an upper deck and two lower docks.”

Pin File Name Example in Image below. Notice the names of the pin files for this activity. Do not leave names such as numbers or screenshot… The file names help potential clients find you in searches.

Housing File Names

Housing File Names

This is just one example of “Mapping”. To learn more about how to use effectively with your business, contact Pinterest Pro or sign up for the on-line course which is coming soon. 

9. Housing-final-flow-chart

“Pinning Your Pathway to Profitability”

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