Why verify website?

Do not make people hunt for the site behind the Pinboards! Website verification ensures people can find your site directly on your Pinterest page. Getting verified also boosts site visibility within the network and improves SEO results. Getting verified also provides valuable analytics to a business for market research.

How to select names for my boards?

Do your research on Pinterest and find your Pinterest keywords as instructed in the strategies. From this list, you will get names for your boards. For more information check out our blog, How to Name Your Pinterest Boards

What’s another way to show my pins to my audience without always linking to Pinterest?

There’s a couple. Just like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many other social networks, you can showcase your account on other marketing you have.

For example, embed one of your boards right onto your website.  When developing your marketing plan, your pins should be integrated with all your other visual marketing. You now have the ability to share your pins on Facebook directly on Pinterest. For more info about developing a social media marketing plan, read our blog, 5 Step Pinterest Plan

Pinterest also has a “Pin it” button, a “Follow” button, a “Profile” widget, and a “Board” widget that are all easy to integrate with your website.


I assume there are some rules for Pinterest, right? What are they?

There are definitely “rules,” but they’re not as hard and fast as you might think. Where Pinterest is concerned — and, actually, where social media at large is concerned — is that there’s proper social media marketing etiquette that you should always follow.

For instance, it’s best not be too self-promotional, which can be tempting as a business that’s trying to bring traffic to their site. Pinterest actually has a webpage that discusses Pinterest etiquette in which they say, “We think authenticity — expressing who you really are and what you’re really like — is more important than getting lots of followers.” So be sure to take this to heart — otherwise, you’re at risk for being banned from the social site.

Does Pinterest have data or analytics?

Yes, there are ways to measure your success with Pinterest. When thinking about the success of your marketing on the site, there are two things to consider.

One is how your account is performing on Pinterest itself.  Are your pins being saved (repinned) or liked?  Are people clicking on your pins?

If you have a Pinterest business account, the platform offers free analytics for measuring this stuff. For more information about the analytics read our blog,  Learn to Leverage Pinterest Analytics

Are businesses actually successful with their Pinterest marketing? Which ones?

Yes, is the short answer.  The longer answer is – You can do successful marketing on Pinterest whether you’re a B2C company selling houses or a B2B company selling social media management services.

For instance, Whole Foods used Pinterest to build their brand.  This is Bepko’s, global online community manager for Whole Foods. brief explanation: “It allows us to curate images from across the web that really speak to who we are as a company, images that reflect our core values and essentially communicate the essence of who we are.”

Hootsuite, the world’s most widely used social media relationship platform,  uses Pinterest to highlight case studies, the  latest Hootsuite happenings, industry trends and social media tips.

How do I convince investors that Pinterest is good for my business?

Good for you for not chasing every shiny new ball in the social network just for the sake of having an account. Smart marketers know they need to evaluate if their buyer persona is on the new social network they’re considering.

Here’s a good place to start: Are your buyer personas likely to frequent the site? What are your competitors doing on Pinterest? Once you’ve gathered that information, you’re better equipped to decide if Pinterest is a good social network for your company to have a presence on and if it’ll help with your overall marketing strategy. Also gather statistics such as 25% of the people on Pinterest earn $100,000 or more.

Isn’t Pinterest just for women?

Short answer – NO. Long answer – Pinterest is notoriously known for attracting a female-dominated user base — according to comScore, 71 percent of Pinterest’s 72.5 million users are women — but usage demographics are slowly changing.While women account for 80% of registered Pinterest users, plenty of men use it as well. While it’s up to you to post content to the site and, in turn, find your core audience — men, women, Millennials, older generations, students, professionals, etc. — using Pinterest for business can help you drive traffic to your site, bring in leads, and even boost sales.

After all, women make-up 85% of consumer spending – What’s the problem?

Will people actually use Pinterest in the long run or is it just a fad?

Have you looked at Pinterest lately?  As mentioned, the site has millions of devoted followers. It’s also popular no matter what time of day it is. For example, 4.8% of American users check out Pinterest at the office during work hours.

In addition, Pinterest has become an Image Search Engine.  Their guided search is a way to actively discover content on Pinterest, versus just passively scrolling the home feed, for example.

“Now when you search for something, descriptive guides will help you sift through all the good ideas from other Pinners,” Pinterest said in its announcement. “Scroll through the guides and click any that look interesting to steer your search in the right direction. You might be surprised where you end up!”

For more information about the Pinterest Guided Search check out our blog:

Have You Checked Your Pinterest Interest Lately


Very Pinteresting, wouldn’t you say.

So what’s the difference between a pin, a repin, and a like?

Just like other social networks, Pinterest has some lingo of its own you’ll want to understand as you navigate the site.

A pin is an image you place on your boards.

Meanwhile, a repin is when you take an image that’s already on someone else’s board and post it to one of your own. When you do this, notifications are sent to let the other person know you’ve repinned something of theirs.

Same thing with anything you like: Pressing that “heart” button on a pin will send a notification to that person that you liked their pin.

For more about pins, refer to our resource:

What is a pin?

Um … what is the difference between Instagram and Pinterest?
Take a look at this graphic for a comparison.  Afterwards, you decide  which one fits your marketing goals and where is your buyer persona?  

Pinterest vs Instagram

Okay, I’m on Pinterest. Now, how do I get followers?

It’s intimidating to join Pinterest and see a big fat zero next to your number of followers, but don’t worry — they’re out there. Building your reach on social networks takes work and time, but can really turn the dial up on traffic and leads for your business.

Because there are two options for people to engage with you on Pinterest — either follow an individual board or your account as a whole — there are quite a few ways you can get more people to follow you. A couple small things you can try include adding a Pinterest follow button to your website, pinning content throughout the day, letting your email subscribers and leads know that you’re on Pinterest, and even following a few other people on Pinterest in the hope they’ll return the favor.

Here is a visual that may help.


How to find pinterest followers from Anna Vanlandingham