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The Big Debate: Re-purpose or SEO?*

Sep 24, 2016 10:18:09 PM / by Anna Vanlandingham

In an SEJ article on the topic of the effects of re-purposing your blog on other platforms on SEO, this statement was made, “Publish the first paragraph of your article as a teaser on LinkedIn with a link to read more.” This suggestion is an excellent idea. By doing this, the blog is kept fresh and traffic is driven to your website. A win/win.


 Pinterest Pro’s opinion is your social media should begin with your blog for the week.  This rule can apply whether your blog is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The key is to plan how you will convey your message each week on each platform.

First, make a list of different types of mediums and platforms you want to use to convey your message. Then make a list of images you would like to use. After that, begin the process of developing your calendar. The blog sets the tone for the components in the chart. Look at this example.  I will use a staffing agency that I interviewed for one of my clients today. Let us call it Dawn’s Staffing.

IDEA FOR BLOG:                                                                                   

How Dawn’s Staffing could use Pinterest

Platforms I will use:

  • Website

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

This diagram provides you with types of content you can use on each platform.  The chart organizes your plan by putting the pieces of the puzzle together.



The next chart is a guideline to insure you use all the platforms you had intended to use. This also provides variety on the platforms and prevents duplicity.




The next step is to make a calendar for each item. Decide which days you will post on each platform and the times. On each platform, use a different type of introduction. For example on Twitter, you could say, “Have you seen my blog about a staffing company this week?”  This will attract followers from industries other than social media or Pinterest. 

What are your ideas for re-purposing and keeping content fresh for SEO?

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Anna Vanlandingham

Written by Anna Vanlandingham

Anna Vanlandingham, founder of Pinterest Pro Solutions, is a Pinterest marketing expert dedicated to helping companies of all sizes increase their website traffic She manages Pinterest accounts to develop specific strategies for using Pins to gain visibility and interest, establish marketplace authority, and drive prospects to submit inquiries.

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