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How is your Pinterest Account like Saran Wrap?*

May 2, 2016 11:37:41 PM / by Anna Vanlandingham

Both are transparent. 

TransparencyOver the past few weeks, I have discussed how to set up your Pinterest account.  Now I will talk about ways to find followers, build good content, and drive traffic to your website. 

 I attended a conference about selling (not my best attribute) this past weekend.  The Saturday afternoon conference topic was "How to Use Facebook with Your Business." The leader of the organization was presenting. His presentation began with "Use your Facebook personal account for your business. The business account is useless.” I thought I would jump out of my chair. Will-Ferrell

Facebook policy is personal account

If you violate Facebook's policy, the following will happen Remove content

We call this Facebook jail. Facebook jail

Some of my associates' Facebook "personal pages" they were using as a business page were shut down. Along with this the followers they had built and all the information on the page was gone.  No way  to retrieve it. 

Wait a minute isn't this supposed to be about Pinterest?  Yes, my point is check your sources,research do your own research, and be transparent. Before you pin an item, consider the author of each post, article or blog you pin. Read it before accepting information as truth and stamping your approval on the content.


I liked this infographic of "The 10 Commandments of using Pinterest for Business." Before I used it with my audience, I read each one. I wanted to be sure the infographic had correct information (not just put a stamp of approval on it). Notice Commandment 2. 

Commandments 1 and 2Commandments 3 and 4Commandments 5 and 6Commandments 7 and 8Commandments 9 and 10

These are wonderful tips for your Pinterest Pinning. Use them and grow your Pinterest account and other social media. (notice I included the creator of the infographic) #sociallysorted

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Anna Vanlandingham

Written by Anna Vanlandingham

Anna Vanlandingham, founder of Pinterest Pro Solutions, is a Pinterest marketing expert dedicated to helping companies of all sizes increase their website traffic She manages Pinterest accounts to develop specific strategies for using Pins to gain visibility and interest, establish marketplace authority, and drive prospects to submit inquiries.

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