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Visual Marketing Just Got Better with Pinterest Lens

Feb 26, 2017 8:50:00 PM / by Anna Vanlandingham


“It’s called Pinterest Lens (currently in beta), and it lets you use the camera in your Pinterest app to discover ideas inspired by objects you see out in the real world.” (Pinterest blog)
The new Pinterest Lens tool is what the Shazam app is to music. With the Shazam app, you point your phone towards music playing and it tells you what song it is.  Similarly, You point the Pinterest Lens at a chair you like and snap a picture. Then tap the image on the app to see related  chair styles or even ideas for a sofa to compliment the chair.  You can also use Lens with food. Point the Pinterest Lens app at a food dish, and it will find the recipe for you.
Consider this scenario. A friend just gave you 10 star fruits. You are thinking, “What can I do with 10 star fruits?” Pinterest Lens to the rescue!  Point Pinterest Lens at the star fruit to see what recipes come up. You can have so much fun with this.
Say you get a new shirt for Christmas.  The shirt is such a weird design you have no idea what to wear with it. (You can't dare hurt your grandmother's feelings).   Point the Pinterest Lens at the shirt and you will get suggestions.  The great part is that with Pinterest – 9 out of 10 times you can click on the pin and purchase the item.
At the present time,  the Pinterest Lens is still  in the Beta stage. Thus, it works best for finding home decor ideas, things to wear and food to eat as of now. With more improvements to the technology, results will get even better. The range of objects the Pinterest Lens recognizes will be greater.
Think of the impact this could have on your business.  Just like being on the first page of Google, you want to be on Pinterest so the lens suggests your product.
"CBS This Morning" interviewed the founders of Pinterest, Ben Silberman and Evan Sharp, about the new feature.  Here is the interview:

CBS also included an article summarizing the interview:

Pinterest-Lens-ResultsPinterest calls itself “the world’s catalog of ideas,” and now the visual search engine is launching another way for users to tap into that catalog: Pinterest Lens. It allows people to take a picture of an object and discover related products or ideas.
“So many times you see things and you just can’t come up with the words for it, but you know it when you see it, and that’s the idea behind Pinterest Lens,” Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann said Thursday on “CBS This Morning. “Anything you see can be a jumping off point to find new ideas.”
Founded in March 2010, Pintrest now has 150 million monthly active users who log on to discover places to travel, products to buy and recipes to cook. In all, users have collected more than 75 billion “pins” on 1.5 billion personal Pinterest boards.
Asked how Pinterest competes against search engines like Google, co-founder Evan Sharp explained the difference.
“Google’s great for facts, for questions that have a very specific answer. And we think of ourselves as a place to go when you have a subject of question. Like what am I going to eat? What am I going to wear? What should my house look like? Questions for which the right answer is specific to you,” Sharp said.
Is Google trying to take on Pinterest?
About 70 percent of Pinterest users are women, but Sharp said men are the fastest-growing demographic for the company today.
Silbermann, who loved to collect bugs as a child, and Evan started building Pinterest with the simple question: “Why isn’t there a great way to collect things on the internet?”
When users purchase products through Pinterest, Evan said the company does not take a cut.
“We don’t because to us helping you buy things is just a way to making it more useful for users, rather than a revenue source,” he said.
That’s something they take pride in.
“What really motivates us is taking technology and making it solves real human problems. Everyday problems. I’m really proud of the fact that we do that for hundreds of millions of people,” Evans said.
Not only can you find ideas using objects you see out in the world, but starting today, you can do the same thing when you’re on Pinterest with Instant Ideas. When you notice an idea that looks interesting, just tap the circle that appears on each Pin to instantly unlock related ideas. Circle a claw foot bathtub to see similar tub ideas, or an asparagus dish for more recipes.
The new ideas appear right inline, so it’s like you’re instantly reshaping your feed around whatever catches your eye, all without losing your spot. Behind the scenes, your feed will get even more personalized, delivering you the very best ideas that people are loving on Pinterest, all in real time. CBS THIS MORNING
Pinterest-Lens-Search-IconIf you do not have the little red camera by the search bar, you do not have access to Lens yet.  As with all new features, Pinterest is beta testing it to work out the bugs before rolling it out to everyone.
I love this statement, “Google searches for facts; Pinterest gives you the right answer specific to you.”
What do you think? Can Pinterest compete with Google?
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Anna Vanlandingham

Written by Anna Vanlandingham

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